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Sunday, January 4, 2009

15 tried-and-tested methods for Global Warming Solutions

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Comprehensive list of solutions for Global Warming

We are living in modernized world and we have lots resources and technologies to reduce the threat of global warming. Global Warming Solutions are always available that will give boost to International economy by creating various jobs, saving consumers money, and protecting our national security. If we invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency programs, than we can have better day tomorrow. Increasing the efficiency of the cars we drive, we can take essential steps toward reducing our dependence on oil and other fossil fuels that cause global warming for most than ever.

There are many solutions for global warming. Read 15 ways for global warming solutions
1. Start burying stuff on a massive scale
The whole problem with global warming starts with digging up and burning the carbon from plants and animals, in the form of coal and oil, that has been buried for millions of years. So two German scientists have a solution: Start burying stuff on a massive scale.

2. Use Energy efficient home appliances
Every single Individual can make big differences which will in turn give a impact on global climate change in a positive or negative way. Your family and you don't have to stop using heat-trapping emitting products like appliances, industrial equipment and buildings for reducing global warming level, but making clever choices to select energy-efficient products for your use, Which might cost you more than usual, but often it will pay back you into the form of energy savings within a couple of years. Most of us have bought an Energy Star appliance or two, and have seen firsthand how much money and energy they can save.

3. Plant 3.8 million square miles of forest every year
One of the most important global warming solution is plant 3.8 million square miles of forest every year to counteract current global carbon dioxide emissions.

4. Unplug appliances which is not in use
Unplug seldom-used appliances, like an extra refrigerator, A/C, cooler etc which you doesn't use frequently.

5. Unplug your charger
Unplug your chargers when you're not charging any pda's, cell phones, digital cameras and other gadgets.

6. Switch off T.V. and home theater from power strips
Switch off televisions, home theater equipment, and stereos by using power strips When it is ideal(not in use).

7. Keep your computer on sleep and hibernate mode
Set your computer to "sleep mode" feature, Which enables your computer to use very much less power as compared to usual it takes. Hibernating computers can make you able to save more energy than enabling your computer to sleep mode as it shuts down your computer by saving your work at the same state.

8. Put lights off when not in use
Don't forget to putt off the switch of lights when you leave a room. Practice the same in your offices/workplaces.

9. Use Energy Star compact fluorescents
Don't use any bulbs which require high energy, there is a solution for this use Energy Star compact fluorescents, which have been concluded that it is best for quality and longevity. If you swap the five standard light bulbs you use most for energy-saving compact fluorescents, you can save roughly $60 each year on electricity.

10. Change Air filters on timely basis
By changing air filters and keeping air conditioner coils clean can decrease emission of co2 in Air.

11. Use Renewable power resources(if applicable)
Now it is permissible to use the power to choose their own energy supplier for any consumer. If it is applicable in your selected area or sector, Select a supplier who uses renewable power resources, like solar, wind, low-impact hydroelectric, or geothermal to generate energy(electricity).

12. Keep the tires on your car adequately expanded
You might be driving you car with out taking care of your vehicle Tires. You have to Keep the tires on your car adequately expanded(inflated) and so u can save lots of carbon-di-oxide as well as wealth.

13. Use Hybrid and Fuel Efficient Car
Buy Hybrid Car and Fuel Efficient Car which can increase your fuel efficiencies. Will decrease level of CO2 and the most important thing your wealth.

14. Avoid eating of chemically produced foods
Don't eat chemically produced foods which is produced in the modern agriculture world now. This kind of food pollute the water supply and require energy to produce while productions.

15. Increase the usage of Recyclable products
Use Recycled products and goods such as papers, plastic bags and other related stuffs.

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