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Monday, April 7, 2008

SEO, Search Engine, SEO Tips

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Basic SEO Tips - A Cost Driver In Any SEO Campaign

An underlined theme throughout our SEO TIPs blog is that the cost of an SEO campaign is a direct relation to how much work is involved. Stand clear for the “we will put your site #1 on Google for a hundred bucks a month” and the “we guarantee results.” Good work takes time to perform. This is true with any industry.

The beginning steps to all SEO campaigns start with keyword research and/or competitor analysis. The results of the keyword research and/or competitor analysis will dictate how aggressive targeted keyword markets are. Less aggressive markets can be conquered using Basic SEO Techniques, aggressive markets may need advanced SEO techniques.

Its all in the name, Basic SEO Techniques take less time to document, present, and preform - Thus the cost of a campaign using only basic techniques is less. Advanced techniques take more time to strategize, document, present, and perform - thus leading to a higher cost of a SEO campaign.

People always ask, “why do some SEO campaigns cost $500 a month, and others cost $10,000 a month?” The style of SEO technique answers this question.

Some Basic SEO Tips

1. Title Tag Optimization
2. Meta Tag Optimization
3. Header Tag Optimization
4. Content Optimization
5. Limited Competitor Research
6. Limited Keyword Research
7. Alt Text Optimization
8. Footer Optimization
9. Basic Navigation Optimization
10. Simple Forms of Link Building - Directory submissions
11. Syndication of Existing (or Provided) Content

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