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Monday, April 7, 2008

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Why are you blogging?

No, seriously. Why? Most “blogging tips” sites assume one answer - to be popular, and possibly to make money, which is dependent on the first -, which makes sense, in a way, since if your goal is the other “obvious” one - to have fun, because you’re doing it for yourself and maybe a couple of friends or relatives -, you really don’t need any tips at all, do you?

But if you belong to the second group, don’t go away yet! Think about it for a second. Sure, maybe you don’t want to turn into a “professional blogger”, and quit your job to do it full time. Maybe you don’t care about having thousands of hits a day. Maybe you’re not interested in adding some ads to your blog and earn a little extra money. It’s OK. But you can still, with almost no effort, have many more regular readers. Have readers who post interesting comments, who give feedback on what you post. Who have blogs on their own, that you can discover. Maybe you can even learn something new.

To put it in another way: doing it for fun and being “read” by others aren’t mutually exclusive.

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