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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Adsense ads just below your blog post title not allowed

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In spite of reminding many times by Google about Adsense ad placement and optimization, If you are not following the Google Adsense terms then your Adsense account might get banned.

Here are two Adsense optimization tips that Google advised to avoid:

1. Ads shouldn’t be placed under a title or section heading in a way that implies that the ads are not ads.

2. Ads should be easily distinguishable from surrounding content.

Adsense team always point out if some publishers are not following their TOS. Recently popular blogger QOT got email from Adsense team pointing out issue of placing Adsense ads just below the post title.

Google team is kind enough to inform any such issues. But in spite of couple of warnings if you are still violating their TOS then Google has no other option than banning your site for Adsense.

Workaround for this:

No doubt, Adsense ads placed just below the post title are high paying ads with higher CTR. And if you don’t want to lose this revenue then you have one workaround for this. Just put an ‘Advertisement’ label above these Adsense ads. Adsense team is ok with this.

Though we are not yet clear about the ads wrapped at left or right corner of post content just below the post title. Still avoid placing left aligned Adsense ads below post titles.

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