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Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to Start a Blog - Tips and Clips

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Are you ready to start your own blog? Using one of the many tools available for starting a blog might just be easier than figuring out what you want to say in your first blog post. Here are some simple DIY tips and videos related to starting your first blog.

A "Blogger" startup tutorial from a Carl - Google support coordinator. Wow, Carl makes it look like we could have a blog up and running in under 2 minutes. For more information go to http://help.blogger.com.

Blogger is a free hosted blogging platform. Click play below.

Another blog tutorial with recommendation for wordpress by Nick Danforth. Nick recommends 1) Using Wordpress, 2) Get a Blog Stats Tracking Tool, and 3) Connect with your readership and get feedback from them on developing your blog.

Wordpress is a free blog software application. You will need to have a hosting account to use Wordpress. Most consumer hosting companies have automatic install tools for wordpress so all you will need to do is enter your hosting control panel and launch the utility that auto installs the wordpress blog.

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