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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting Started with Blogging and Google Adsense

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If you have ever wondered about getting started with blogging and Google Adsense, here are a few tips to make your new blogging business work smoothly and easily.

Blogging and Google Adsense

The first part of getting started with blogging and Google Adsense is creating a blog. If you haven't already made your blog with one of the many services and programs available, you have quite a few choices ahead of you. Generally, if you want to start your Google Adsense revenue right away, you have a couple of choices. First is to join an already established blogging network, such as WritingUp. This network allows you to blog and has already set up the Google Adsense framework, but you will need to create your own account. Additionally, the network does take a percentage of the money you make from your clicks.

The second way to create a blog using Google Adsense easily is to make your blog with Blogger.com. A subsidiary of Google, Blogger already has the Google Adsense framework in place as well, and you can actually sign up for Adsense while creating your blog with the site. The integration with Blogger and Adsense is pretty seamless, and if you don't already have a blog software that you use, it can be a great choice. Additionally, Blogger's ease of use may lead to you blogging more, increasing your chance for earnings.

If you already do have a blog, through another company such as LiveJournal, TypePad or WordPress, you may need to put in a little more effort to get started with Google Adsense. There are many tutorials on the Internet, and even on these blog service's own pages, that will tell you how and where to place your Adsense code in order to maximize profits. All you have to do is sign up with the Google Adsense/Adwords program and select the type of ads you wish to display.

Many people start blogging without thinking of revenue, but others start blogs just for this purpose. Remember that not all blogs get a lot of Internet traffic or views, so you may need to wait to earn a lot of money from Adsense. Some blogs never get to the point where they earn an appreciable amount from their Adsense accounts, so this is another consideration when planning a blog. The best reason to blog is because you want to, not because you expect to earn money from it.

Getting started with blogging and Google Adsense is a lot easier than some might think. All that is required is a bit of time, and you can start earning small amounts of residual income right away, without much effort.

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