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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blogging Tips, Blog Tips, Make Money Through Blog

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How To Choose Which Blog Post To Post?

Blogging Tips,  Blog Tips, Make Money Through Blog

There are instances in your day to day blogging life where you have to decide between two or more posts on which one to be posted to the blog. Do you always come up with the correct post and get the expected results for the post? Few times you get and the rest of the times you don’t. I have had confusions on which post to post on a specific day for my blog. I also used to have thoughts on which blog post to post on which blog (I write for 3-4 blogs including my own). At these situations, I ask myself a few questions before taking action. Here’s what I do to select which blog post to post on a specific day:

1. Am I Getting Good Traffic From Social Sites?
I check my stats once a day and when I see a peak in traffic from social sites, I post the blog post which is of better quality. This way I can utilize the social site traffic to my advantage and also offer them some good content. If I have two or more good posts, I decide the post by seeing from which site the traffic is coming. If it is stumbleupon traffic, I will publish the post which is more suited for SU users. If the traffic is from del.icio.us, I will publish the post that is liked by del.icio.us users.

2. Did My Blog Get Mentioned In A Famous Blog?
This is something which I have talked about before and something that I regularly do. Whenever my blog gets mentioned in any blog, I try to write a good post to capture the visitors and make them my blog’s subscribers. This can be done by providing good content and making the navigation user friendly. Give what your blog visitors are looking for and you will be able to get more subscribers and traffic. Say I have a blog post that is about a WordPress plugin and a post about top 25 ways to earn money online. If my blog gets mentioned in a famous blog, I will post the latter and not the former one.

3. Does My Blog Get Good Traffic Today?
There are certain days of the week when your blog gets more traffic. You have to analyze your blog’s traffic stats for the past one or two months to know this. Few blogs get a good number of visits on Saturday while a few blogs get more visits on Monday. Once you analyze and find this, the job of selecting between two posts will become easy. If you are having good traffic on Monday, post the better blog post on that day. If your blog visitors are active readers of your blog posts, there are more chances that your blog post will get more popular on the social sites. I have always had my blog posts become famous in StumbleUpon when I post it on Saturday.

Have you ever had the dilemma of what blog post to publish on your blog on a certain day? How do you decide which post to publish on your blog on that day?

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